Fresh Paint

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to clean our classroom. After getting started, I decided it would be easier to clean if we removed everything from the room. After surveying our 10 by 17 foot classroom I noticed that the walls were looking pretty rough. It hadn’t been painted since we first moved here 15 years ago. I came to the conclusion that paint was just what it needed. So we finished removing the bulletin boards, chalk board and all the other things that covered the walls.  We moved on to the mudding of all the little holes.  When we finished that the room looked like it had a serious disease. It took the rest of the afternoon for the mud to dry and to be sanded down. My daughter was a huge help in the sanding, which, if you have ever done this, can easily tire an adult.  She stuck to it the whole afternoon. So today, after ice-skating, we will move on to the priming and the painting.  I hate choosing colors for anything.  I have no sense of color. I read somewhere that certain colors create certain moods.  I went on line to see if I could get some information as to which one would be the best to stimulate learning.   With the kids input we decided to go with peach champagne.  It is a soft, muted color that combines the energies of red and yellow, with a tinge of orange.  We think it will look nice.  The kids are pretty excited that our classroom will have a new look.  I’ll be happy when it’s all done.  I do this all the time, start with a simple task and expand it.

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3 Responses to Fresh Paint

  1. kellieann says:

    It's that time of year isn't it? I was cleaning the schoolroom yesterday too. (I, however, decided that our lavendar paint is just fine!) I did take every book off the shelf and rearrange that whole thing. Unfortunately, I still have quite a bit of cleaning to do today.

  2. eclecticeducation says:

    I hope you will show pictures! I'd love to see it!!! The color sounds lovely. 🙂

  3. lahbluebonnet says:

    That sounds a lot like the color I chose for our school room…for the same reasons! I can appreciate all the work you are doing with the mudding and sanding. We've been there done that! lol

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