In a Soldier’s Memory

In memory of,
The soldier tall,
Who fought for our freedoms,
Who answered the call,

Who gave of himself,
Without thought to his need,
Whose focus was on,
Those that he freed.

Let us take the time,
To think on him,
Who gave us everything,
Life and limb.

Remember with love,
All that was sacrificed,
And forget not what,
He most prized.

Liberty and freedom,
For one and for all.
Thank-you dear soldier,
Who answered the call.

©2007 Virginia Donahue


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3 Responses to In a Soldier’s Memory

  1. psalm518 says:

    How beautiful…thank you for sharing it. I've printed it and am going to bring it to read at our family fishing trip Monday. I've been trying to get on your blog site for a few days now and it keeps telling me unavailable. I thought maybe you erased your blog! Glad you didn't. How's your daughter doing with math? I haven't caught up on your posts yet, so I might be a day late.

    In His bond,


  2. joyismystrength says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I love your thought! The 'wife' being the church rather than a woman would be a wonderful way to portray this passage, but unfortunately this is the first time I've heard your angle on it. There are thousands of women (probably more) out there trying to attain what this passage seems to claim. Thanks for your insight. I love having something new to ponder!

    Blessings, Jan

  3. MyThree3Sons says:

    What a nice poem. Thanks for sharing. Believe it or not, I actually got a link to your blog — finally! I'm really not good at this stuff. My husband had to do it for me. LOL Wanted to let you know! Happy Memorial Day. 🙂

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