Which Nest is Best?

The birds in my neighborhood are such interesting creatures.  My yard is scattered with various forms of birdhouses, however we have yet to find anything except for beehives built in them.  Following directions from a variety of resources, we have carefully constructed houses to exact specifications.  We have located these dwellings in safe places, trying to create homes that would be inviting to our fine-feathered friends, but there are no takers. Instead we have found nests in every other location other than the birdhouses. 

One of their favorite places is in our garage.  We have found them in a hand-held seed spreader, a winter boot stored on a shelf and, to the sad demise of one family, in an old ice cream bucket we used to store sidewalk chalk.  I had no idea of its contents and accidentally spilled it to the garage floor, shattering the fragile eggs.  I was heartbroken. There have been nests found in the hanging plants on the front porch and we have seen them in the traditional places among the braches of the bushes and trees that surround our home.  But this year we have found the most opportunistic bird yet. She has built her nest in the bird feeder still filled with seed. 

As I thought about these creatures I was struck. Are we like the many birds that ignore the carefully made home in the arms of our Father in search of something better?  Have we placed ourselves in the seed spreader, but not allowed ourselves to spread His Word?  Are we hiding deep in the boot, dark and fearful of discovery? Is our life like the ice cream bucket nest, easily shattered?  Can we compare ourselves to the nests in the flowerpots, displaying one thing on the outside, but harboring the fear of drowning on the inside?  Do we remain in the comfort zone of the bushes and trees, only appearing when we are safe?  Or are we like the clever bird, building our nest in the open upon the Food of God, chasing away those that might try to steal our seeds and whose song is clear and loud? Which nest are we?

Psalm 84:3  Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young- a place near Your altar, O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.

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