Scrapbook of a Life 2

Considering it was my first attempt at scrapbooking, my son’s book came out better than I expected.  I worked on it every free minute I had.  His brother and sister helped create a few pages with me after they were done with their schoolwork.  Saturday, my husband took over the household duties and I scrapped from 7 a.m. until I finally finished it at midnight.  In all, I had 30 pages of both momentous and everyday moments of his 21 years.  When he opened it at his birthday celebration, his response was beyond my imagination.  Looking over the pages of his life, he took a ‘sentimental journey’ through days gone by and he was filled with emotion. I realized at that moment that my tough talking son was just as sentimental as I am.  It was a wonderful feeling that I had created something that he enjoyed so much.  As he left the party to go home, he gave me a gigantic bear hug and told me that the gifts that meant the most to him were the ones I had made for him. He knows how much I love him and how much I treasure him.  I don’t know who enjoyed the evening more, him or me, but it doesn’t matter. This week, after pouring over pictures and trying to capture his life in a few short pages, I came to a realization. Despite any doubts that I had about my abilities, with God and my love for my son, both he and the book turned out just fine.  Who could ask for anything more?(I made a slide show of him looking over the book. Some of the pictures aren’t too good, but you’ll get the idea.)

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