3 and 2 shedule

This week we tried something a little different with our schoolwork schedule to try to treat our Springtime burnout.  Instead of doing every subject every day, we worked on what I call a 3 and 2 schedule. Every day we did Bible, penmanship and spelling but on Monday and Wednesday we did Math, Wordsmith and History. On Tuesday and Thursday we did English, Science, Art, Music and Literature. Today we will be doing Math, Latin and Logic. I am so amazed at how much was accomplished.  The kids were done every day this week by lunchtime with no hassles.  Now what I found interesting was that I didn’t shorten the assignments. I just gave them 2 lessons in each subject on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 3 on Tuesday and 1 for Friday(this is Dad’s day off). Not only did they complete them in record time, but they also made fewer mistakes. I don’t know if they thought they had less work to do, or if their brains were just in good form this week.  Whatever it was it sure beats the usual fussing and complaining (on everybody’s part) and working until suppertime. I sure hope this schedule works out.  It will be so nice to actually have some time to spend together everyday, not doing schoolwork and chores.

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