His Blessings Overflow

God is so good and His blessings are many.  There is a wonderful older couple from my parents’ church that is moving and needs to sell just about everything in their home.  I went to their house yesterday with the intention to purchase a few dishes. I came away with a whole lot more than that.  Not only did I get a complete set of Queen pots and pans, a few Pyrex measuring cups, a large glass casserole dish and a mini food processor, but also a patio set, a parson’s bench, and a new bedroom set for my daughter. Everything is in like new condition. Although my daughter loves her current bedroom set, it is on its last days. The bureaus were second hand pine with years of repairs and the very thin mattress on the bed has a dip in the middle from years of jumping into it. I had painted and stenciled them all to try to make them pretty, but as I’ve said before, they have seen better days. She says that she loves her bed because she feels all ‘snug as a bug’ in it, but I’m afraid she’d be sleeping on the floor soon. When I saw the bedroom set it had her name all over it.  This lovely couple gave it all to me at such a wonderful price that I knew that it was for her. Not only did we get things that we needed but our wants were supplied also.

Thank you God for encouraging me to send in our taxes early so we had the money to be able to make such a purchase.  You always seem to send Your blessings when I least expect them.  Thank-you Father for placing these people into my life and for pouring out your blessings upon our family like rain upon the earth.  I am so grateful for the opportunities you place before me and that You put me in the right places at the right time. Be with this family while they move into their new life and let their blessings upon others return ten fold! AMEN.

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