Ongoing Resolution

I know that every morning that I wake up I am starting with a clean slate and that I am the author of how the day will play out, but there is just something about changing out the calendar and starting a new year that makes me feel like I have a fresh start. I don’t usually make resolutions because when I have in the past they seem to only stick for a few weeks at best. But this year I have made one resolution that I hope to make every year.

This year I am resolving to do better than I did last year.

I hope to apply this resolution to all aspects of my life. Whether it is in regards to my homemaking skills, my role as teacher in our homeschool, my attention to my husband and children, my job performance as a virtual assistant for my various clients, my attention to my own little company and website, my focus on getting healthy, or especially in my relationship with God, I just want to do better than last year.

I am not saying that last year I failed at all or any of the above, but there is always room for improvement. So if I am even a little successful at keeping my resolution, I will consider it a kept promise.

Have you made a resolution this year?

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