125 Summertime Boredom Busters

The official start of summer is a few weeks away, but for us the beginning of June really puts us in a summertime-frame-of-mind. I’ve seen a lot of great summer ‘bucket lists’ but I really did not want to put that kind of pressure on us to try to achieve a bunch of things on a list. Most of the lists I have seen seemed geared more for the younger set, but you know what? Most things associated with summer are ageless and just as fun as a ‘big’ kid as it was when we were little.

So I just started thinking of all kinds of things that might be fun to do if I heard those fateful words, “I’m bored” and put them down on a list. (You know how I love lists.) Some things are free, some cost, and some require travel, but all are flexible enough that we might get to do about half of the things listed.

Here is what I came up with: (those things that are highlighted are linked to information or directions related to the item)


  1. to a “Pick-your-own” farm
  2. attend an outdoor concert
  3. camping
  4. fishing
  5. for a boat ride
  6. on bike hike
  7. swimming
  8. take a hike
  9. take a night time walk along the beach
  10. to a $1 movie
  11. to a ball game
  12. to a drive-in movie
  13. to a farmer’s market
  14. to a lake or the ocean
  15. to a local car race or demolition derby
  16. to a local festival or country fair
  17. to tag sales or flea market
  18. tour a factory or other interesting place of business
  19. visit a local landmark and learn its history
  20. visit a museum
  21. visit a park
  22. visit an amusement park or summer carnival if available.
  23. visit the zoo
  24. visit with family
  25. walk around your neighborhood picking up any trash you see along the way
  1. blow bubbles with homemade bubbles
  2. bowling
  3. catch fireflies
  4. catch frogs and have a frog jumping contest
  5. collect seashells
  6. do random acts of kindness
  7. drag the TV outside and have an outdoor movie night
  8. draw a hopscotch on the driveway and play
  9. draw on the sidewalk or driveway with homemade sidewalk chalk
  10. feed the ducks or fish at a pond or lake where they live
  11. fly a kite
  12. frisbee golf
  13. have a “black-out” night-no electronics except flashlights-what fun can you come up with?
  14. hula hoop
  15. identify the birds and critters that visit our yard
  16. identify the types of trees and plants around the yard
  17. if you have a camcorder, make a your own movie, then invite friends over, pop some popcorn and have a “premiere” party.
  18. learn constellations and planet locations in our sky view
  19. learn to do a yo-yo trick
  20. listen to a different type of music other than your favorite
  21. photo scavenger hunt
  22. play badminton or balloon badminton
  23. play board games outside at a picnic table or on a blanket
  24. play catch with water balloons
  25. play cornhole
  26. play croquet
  27. play flashlight tag
  28. play four square on chalk drawn court
  29. play hillbilly golf
  30. play horseshoes
  31. play in the rain
  32. play jump rope
  33. play leap frog
  34. play volleyball
  35. read a book just for fun
  36. read a classic comic book
  37. relax in a hammock
  38. roll down a grassy hill
  39. see the sunrise
  40. skip stones on a lake or pond
  41. splash in a brook
  42. star gaze
  43. swing from a rope or tire swing
  44. swing on a swing
  45. watch a sunset
  46. watch fireworks
  47. watch old family movies
  48. water fight
  49. water games
  50. whistle using a blade of grass


  1. a birdbath and keep it filled with fresh water
  2. a daisy (or dandelion) crowns, necklaces, or bracelets
  3. a God’s Eye
  4. a house of cards
  5. a hummingbird feeder and keep it filled
  6. a kaleidoscope (HERE is another site with great instructions)
  7. a kite
  8. a memory jar
  9. a pinwheel
  10. a sundial
  11. a take a long drawing set from old DVD case
  12. a sunbathing mat from towels
  13. a wind chime from things you find
  14. baking soda rocket
  15. bean bag balls
  16. build a sand sculpture
  17. color, draw, doodle (try doing these with a friend taking turns adding to your masterpiece)
  18. create a piece of art from recycled materials
  19. easy tie dye with sharpies and alcohol
  20. friendship bracelets
  21. keep a summertime journal
  22. sand art by making your own colored sand 
  23. scrapbook
  24. something form seashells you collected
  25. sponge balls
  26. tin can stilts
  27. try your hand at a brand new craft
  28. go on an alphabet hunt taking a picture of each letter of the alphabet you find.
  29. using the pictures from #28, make a collage that spells out your name.
  30. your own putt putt course in your back yard (more ideas to make your own course)


  1. a giant banana split in a big bowl and pass out the spoons for everyone to dig in
  2. a stove top clam bake
  3. cook out
  4. cook pizza on the grill
  5. cook weenies over a campfire
  6. count how many licks it takes you to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.
  7. eat corn on the cob
  8. eat outside
  9. food art
  10. have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  11. homemade fruit juice popsicles
  12. homemade ice cream
  13. homemade lemonade
  14. homemade milkshakes
  15. homemade snow cones
  16. indoor picnic
  17. outdoor picnic
  18. s’mores
  19. step out of the box and try a new ice cream flavor
  20. try a brand new recipe

Click to download colorful list printouts.

We have already done several items on this list so we are off to a sizzling start to a memorable summer. What kinds of things would you like to do this summer?

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One Response to 125 Summertime Boredom Busters

  1. Idea Master says:

    Thank you so much! I am making an I’m Bored notebook where I print, cut out, and glue in a bunch of boredom busters and this really helped! (you can put the “I’m Bored” notebook as one of your boredom busters if you want)

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