Simple Spring Wreath

After many years of the same spring wreath adorning our front door, I was ready for a something new. Because the silk flowers from the old wreath showed their age not to mention the crud of years of outdoor life, I removed them all from the vine wreath and tossed them. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I picked up the rest of my supplies.

To make my wreath this is what I needed (I’ve also included a 2012 retail cost break-down. I used coupons, purchased stuff on sale, and used what I had on hand so my cost was significantly less):

  • 1 vine wreath (I had mine on hand but they go for about $2.99)
  • 1 sprig silk forsythia-($1.99)
  • 1 package (2 per pack) bird nests (found in bridal department) ($2.99)
  • 1 package (2 per pack) little birds (also found in the bridal department) ($2.99)
  • 1 package (24) of craft Easter eggs on picks ($2.99)
  • About 1 yard wire edge ribbon (I had a roll on hand but a 3 yard roll usually goes for about $3.99)
  • Not shown-I used a few scraps of silk leaf vines (free from your stash)
  • Floral wire or any other means of attaching sprigs to wreath
  • Wire cutters

Total retail cost of supplies: @$14.95

My cost breakdown:

  • wreath- (on hand) free
  • forsythia-(40% coupon) 1.19
  • cost of 1 nest-(50% off) .75
  • cost of 1 bird-(50% off) .75
  • cost of 3 eggs-(50% off) .19
  • ribbon-(on hand) free

My total actual cost-$2.88

I have added the extra nest, bird, and eggs to my craft supplies for another someday project.

Step 1: Cut the forsythia sprig into smaller sections.

Step 2: Arrange sprigs and attach with wire to wreath.

Step 3: The bird comes on a wire. Attach bird with the wire to the side of the nest. (leave the wire that attached the nest to the package on the nest. We will use that later.)

Step 4: The little eggs also came on wire. Select 3 and bend the wire to about a 90 degree angle as shown.

Stick the egg wires down through the nest.

Fold and twist the egg wires under the basket. Leave the basket wire extended.

Step 5: Using the nest wire, attached to the vine wreath.

Step 6: I have a stash of random greenery pieces left over from other projects. I chose a couple of little sprigs of vine leaves.  .  .

and added them underneath the nest for a little flourish.

Step 7: Make a simple wire ribbon bow and using floral wire attach to the side of the wreath.  And viola! A pretty spring wreath to adorn your door made in less than an hour (more like ½ an hour.)

Decorating our front door

Decorating our front door

Close up of bird’s nest on finished wreath.

What do you have on your front door?

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