Mini Vacation & TN Meeting

This month has been crazy busy with hardly a spare moment to write. The first part of this week I was in Tennessee for 3 days of meetings for TOS. While I was gone my dad took the kids to Myrtle Beach for a mini-vacation. They had a wonderful time fishing, swimming and just spending quality time with their grandfather.

In addition to the super productive meetings in Tennessee, we had a wonderful time of fellowship. Because the TOS employees work from home and hail from all over the country including Alaska, it is rare that we ever meet the people we work with on a day to day basis. Despite the difference in our backgrounds and locations, there is an immediate feeling of connection. We all stayed at the Suarez’s home and were tremendously blessed by an outpouring of genuine hospitality and wonderful food. Gena is an outstanding cook, and even though she was not feeling well, she went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. The entire family spoiled us rotten.
After long hours of meetings, we spent even more time getting to know each other and sharing stories of our lives and comparing notes about our children. On the last day as we were wrapping up, we all got a bit of the sillies and went outside to take pictures.

Although it was a working trip, I think we all came home refreshed and revitalized.

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5 Responses to Mini Vacation & TN Meeting

  1. Dad says:

    Awesome weather….awesome kids. They were fun to be with. Nice pictures/blog.

  2. 4sweetums says:

    The pictures are fun. I am glad that you all had a great time.



  3. Dan Hite says:

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  4. tn3jcarter says:

    I definitely came away refreshed and blessed from having spent time with you all. What sweet fellowship. :O)

  5. Dad says:

    Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary. Does not seem like 25 years, but God has blessed us and you with a great family and 25 years.

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