Homeschooling Rocky Road

For some reason this year seems to be getting off to a rocky start. I mentioned last week that we have exercised one of the benefits of homeschooling which is flexibility. Well, after another week of struggling and coming to the conclusion that I have been pushing my son too much to achieve things that he is not yet ready to accomplish, we decided to switch from Algebra 2 and take geometry instead. He struggled last year with Algebra but finished the year with an 82.1%. I thought maybe with a little time off he would be able to do the Algebra 2 course, but after 5 weeks and repeating lessons over and over and still failing 2 tests, I felt like we could not continue this year with this torture. It’s not like we are taking a step back, just changing our direction. Sometimes it’s hard as both a mom and a homeschool mom not to push so hard because we think it’s the best for our kids. I struggle with my own frustration because I was one of the lucky ones who rarely struggled with school and seeing my kids do so is hard for me to understand. I am working through this and praying for God’s direction. I really feel like He is helping me to keep my focus on what is best for my kids and not what I think is best for them. With a little more mountain climbing, maybe we will get past this rocky trail of homeschooling struggles and onto a smoother and easier to navigate terrain.

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2 Responses to Homeschooling Rocky Road

  1. 4sweetums says:

    I hope everything smooths out with your switch. I wish I had not pushed my oldest at some points. It all takes balance.



  2. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    At her pace. She moves a little more slowly through the exercises, but I think she retains quite well. Nobody says it has to go in a year and according to public school standards…praise God for the flexibility of home education! I'd rather she understood than rushed and finished.

    Praying the switch works well for your son…it is definitely a switch!

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