Our Homeschool Break-Through

Today we had a major homeschool break-through. I mentioned in some earlier posts that the kids have really been struggling this year. I was beginning to think that my taking on a part-time job was affecting their work, but through confessions from my children I realized that I had been taking the responsibility for their laziness and lack of effort. After some majorly emotional and stressful moments this afternoon they both let me into their minds and true feelings. They admitted to slacking and not putting effort into their studies and their general feeling of inadequacies. They both expressed frustration of thinking that it’s too late to do better and that they will never get it. It was a huge moment of truth. It was so shocking to me how they were feeling. All the anger they had been feeling was not exactly at me but at themselves. They asked for my help to do better so that they could achieve. My 15 year old moved me with his sincerity about how he really was feeling like a failure because he has taken so many short cuts this year and now that we are almost through, he says he has no clue what he is doing. I don’t know whether tomorrow they will stand by their new commitment to better academics or if they will fall back into their “hurry up and get it done”, but I do know that I will never give up on them and that I will do everything in my power and with God’s grace to help them to form better study and academic habits.

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3 Responses to Our Homeschool Break-Through

  1. gfcfmomofmany says:

    Wow what a moving day. I pray their hearts remain pliable and their spirits willing to learn. At that age I got myself into a similar problem, but I was public schooled. I was told by the teacher "I don't care and I don't really like you. So just finish the year and go away." I am so glad that you are there with your child to kindly guide them through this time!

    God bless

    Heather L

  2. Dad says:

    I think that we all have our "down days", especially during the winter months when we can't get out to enjoy God's wonders. When I was working, I noticed that many of my friends at work had more "down days" than normal. I assume childen too have those days. They also get discouraged with school and the apparent "lack of progress and achievements" and may sometimes also need a "booster shot" where they can see accomplishments.

    Hang in there ya'll.

  3. Dad says:

    I don't know if part of children's attitude and "depair" has anything to do with all the bad news we read and see on the tube. If we believe all that we hear about the state of the economy and forget that God has plans for His children and that we should not worry about tomorrow…all will be better in the world.

    Some children need to have this reinforced and that their future is to be provided for…like the birds and lillies of the field…they are always provided for.

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