A Song of Thanks

Thank you God, for all you give,
A place to sit, a place to live,
Legs to walk and arms to hold,
Love to give to young and old.

Thank you Father, for the air I breathe,
A chance to give, a chance to receive,
People to know and places to see,
And everything you’ve given me.

Thank you Jesus, for the cross,
You suffered on for the lost,
Binding up all my sin,
And making me whole again.

Thank you Lord, for the price you paid,
That saved me from the endless grave,
And opened up the heavenly gates,
Where your precious arms await.

Thank you Holy Spirit, for leading me,
For guiding my soul and making me free,
And may all my life I sing your praise,
For giving me all these brand new days.

©2009 Virginia Donahue

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One Response to A Song of Thanks

  1. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    Lovely reflections!



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