Officially Getting Old

Tomorrow I will turn 46, but I didn’t think that I was getting old until I went to the optometrist this week. For about a year or so I have been wearing magnifiers to be able to read and work on the computer. I have suffered from eye strain for years and been subjected to headaches from it, but figured it was just the amount of reading and computer work I had been doing. As of late I noticed several things about my sight. I can not read anything without the magnifiers and bright light. The headaches have increased and I no longer can see color variations. This week I finally broke down and went to the optometrist.  It had been over 25 years since the last time I had my eyes checked. Well, it’s official. I will not only need to wear glasses all the time but I need bifocals. I was shocked when the doctor told me I needed bifocals.  I had always associated bifocals with getting old. So I guess I am officially old. But I’ll tell you what, when he was setting the prescription and I could clearly see the very smallest print, I was overjoyed. If that means I’m old, I’m fine with that. I should have gone years ago. Lesson learned. I will get my new glasses next week and they say that it may take a while to get used to them, but I am so tickled to know that I will be able to see clearly now. So even though I’ll be a year older, I will also be a year wiser and will see the future clearly.

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One Response to Officially Getting Old

  1. Dad says:

    Getting older is only a matter of perspective.

    Think of glasses as another step to wisdom…. look at all the kids who wear glasses…they are not old.

    Happy birthday…think of 46 and not over the hill yet.

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