Grocery Savings

My daughter and I went grocery shopping the other day.  The local store was having a great buy one get one free sale of items we usually purchase.  I was so pleased by the savings that I wanted to share.  We were shopping for the month including meat, all the fixings and treats. Look at the size of the receipt.

I had a savings of over $100, buying 86 items.  While others are much better at the coupon thing, I have not been able to find coupons for things that we use on a regular basis.  Even though I still spent about $200, which figures out to be about $50 a week, I was quite pleased.  Now if I could only have the same luck with gas prices.

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4 Responses to Grocery Savings

  1. 4sweetums says:

    Good job for you! I love saving on everything too. Wow! $50 a week. That is impressive.



  2. Sawickis says:

    Ginny ~

    That's awesome! I love to see how much I've saved too. Every bit counts. And now, I am having a hard time paying full price for anything.

    $200 for the whole month is very, very good!


    This Side of Eternity

  3. kellieann says:


    And thanks so much for the award below. I will try to post that sometime later this week.

  4. CrossView says:

    Wow! Great shopping! We still get tickled when we see those really long receipts…. Especially if there's *that* kind of savings involved!

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