Not Forgotten

We have not forgotten,
That day not long ago,
When to our soils an enemy came,
And struck his baneful blow.

He sought to drive us under,
To destroy our way of life,
To bring his hate and anger,
And throw us into strife.

But little did he know,
On that fateful day,
That stronger we would be,
United we would stay.

His arrows had their sting,
The wounds cut deep within,
Pain and sorrow came,
But this enemy did not win.

He really did not know us,
His lack is clear to see,
His plan had failed to break us,
And take our liberty.

Mighty is the hand of Him,
Upon which we built this land,
No enemy can take our faith,
Together we will stand.

He could not take our freedom,
He would not steal our pride,
For together we have faced him,
God is on our side.

©2008 Virginia Donahue

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5 Responses to Not Forgotten

  1. kellieann says:

    Very timely and poignant! Ya' know, though, I think we as a nation, ARE forgetting somewhat. It seems every year that passes, less and less is being made of it. My kids were too young to remember much (A was 5 & h was 1 1/2), but I try every year to remind them of what happened on that day and the significance of it. I hope others are doing the same….

  2. 4sweetums says:

    Amen! Well written.



  3. Haflingerhorses says:

    Did you write that?

    I think that poem is awesome. I've not been much of a poetry reader, because it often doesn't relate. But I love this one. It is excellent.

    Thanks for coming by and saying hi. I am especially appreciative because then it caused me to come to your place, and I really enjoyed your posts – especially the one you wrote about homeschooling and what you have learned. I agree with you on all that you said – having Him direct instead of our own earthly wisdom.

    Your blog title fits you well –


  4. MOMflippedisWOW says:

    Thank you for the beautiful poem!



  5. gndksmith says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    This poem is very cool. Your site is so cool too! I like to visit it, its so cheery. Its one of the first blogs I visited on here. I appreciate your resources!

    Have a Blessed Day! Niki

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