Kitten Update

Willow’s kittens are thriving.  At a little over three weeks, they have begun to teeter-totter around. We had to move them to a large storage tub because they had started to climb out of their shorter one.  They always seem to head straight for my husband’s rocker recliner whenever they are loose.  We have given them temporary names, even though as soon as they are old enough they will be adopted out. They may all look the same to you but believe me there are distinct differences.  From left to right, let me introduce the boys;  Boots, Garfield, Whiner, and Sacko. 

Boots acts like he is the oldest and the boldest.

Garfield tends to try to eat whenever Willow gets near and he is the chubbiest. 

Whiner, well I think the name says it.  Whenever he is picked up he cries. 

My daughter named Sacko. (She just liked the word) He has the least stripes in his fur and follows Boots around.

Aren’t they adorable?  And so sweet just like their momma.
It is hard to believe that some say animals don’t have feelings.  They probably never had pets.

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2 Responses to Kitten Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'll have to show the dc the pictures tomorrow morning! Love that hug at the end!



  2. CrossView says:

    They are absolutely adorable! We're not cat people but even I have to admit that there's nothing cuter than a kitten! =D

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