Week in Review

No Crafty or Flashback Friday for me this week.  I had plenty of time this week but didn’t get to either one.  I thought I’d just tell you about our week.  Despite a flurry of activity, it really was a peaceful, restful week, a week that had a sense of accomplishment.
Saturday the kids had back-to-back games.  My daughter’s team won this week.  She plays first base and did a great job catching and holding the team from getting on base.  She also hit a triple and brought in several runs.  She was very excited, as this was the first game they played that they won. (They won another by default.)   My son’s team lost because they didn’t have enough players show up, but they played anyhow.  On his first time up to bat in the game he hit a home run.  It was awesome, on the ground straight down the center of the field.  My oldest was at these games and afterward we all went to Bob Evans for lunch.
You know about our morning events on Sunday, but in the afternoon my son had ball practice.  He and another boy were throwing the ball back and forth when the other boy missed the catch and was hit hard above the eye so hard that it split his head open.  It was pretty nasty.  My son felt horrible and you could see his fear and compassion on his face.  I had been sitting in the car and saw what happened.  I guess mommy mode kicked in, and I tried to lend first aid using what was available.  We had no first aid kit.  I had a sun and sand blanket in the trunk of my car and I used that and water to clean him up the best I could to see what was going on.  Those blankets live up to their claims.  The water and blood just rolled off of it, but I was able to get the bleeding to slow.  Someone ran across the street to the church and brought towels and ice which made it a whole lot easier to clean this boy up.  He was very brave considering the mess he was. The coach phoned his mother and told her what had happened.  Knowing how I would probably react if I saw all that blood on my child, I cleaned up his face, neck and arms.  She came and took him to Urgent Care.  I’m sure he needed stitches.  While cleaning him up I asked if he could see and he said he could see fine. We haven’t heard how he is, but we’re praying he is all right.  Whew!
Monday, my son went fishing with his grandfather, but the fish weren’t biting.  Tuesday was ice-skating and my daughter had a scrimmage game in the evening, which they lost.  We have also been ‘deep-cleaning’ the downstairs this week.  Amazingly it has only taken a few hours.  I guess the chore schedule has been doing its job and ‘deep-cleaning’ isn’t so deep this year. Yay!  I’ve been puttering around the yard early in the morning to avoid the heat, doing the weeding and other odds and ends.
The smell of new schoolbooks is in the house, so I have been pouring over those, trying to layout lesson plans for the year.  We normally work through the summer, but somehow we have filled our days with other things.  It will be all right.  Life is great schooling.

I’d like to ask for prayers for my mom.  She has been having problems with vertigo for years, but the episodes have increased.  She is going to another doctor to try to figure out what is causing it.

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3 Responses to Week in Review

  1. CrossView says:

    Congrats on the e-book! You must be so excited! =D

    Sounds like quite the event-filled weekend…. Hope the little boy is fine…

    Sending up prayers for your mom.

  2. tlpgina says:

    I'm glad it all turned out okay! Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to get to some deep cleaning too, also get to my planning but I wait till end of July for that. I REALLY enjoy my break in the summer!



  3. lahbluebonnet says:

    Congratulations on getting published!



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