Free Movies for the Kids

If you are lucky enough to have a Regal Cinema near you, they are having a Free Family Film Festival. They have chosen various rated G or PG movies that start at 10:00 am, Tuesday thru Thursday.  All seats are on a first come, first serve basis. Kiddie popcorn and drinks are $1 each.  We went last week and will be going today.  This is great way to catch up on the movies you wanted to see and missed. Besides, who can resist free. LOL Check out the website for a theater near you and the movies they are offering.

Regal Cinemas Free Family Film Festival

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3 Responses to Free Movies for the Kids

  1. 4sweetums says:

    We are doing that this summer too. So far it hasn't been that crowded much to my shock. What a fun free event.



  2. my2kids4Him says:

    Our local theater has something similar, but not quite as cheap:)

    I just read over your curriculum choices…I have a dd going into 9th. Come on over and read our choices for the upcoming school year. Looks like you've got a good line-up.

  3. CrossView says:

    I checked and there's nothing near us…..

    But our closest theater does offer a $2.00 deal with free coke and pocorn so it's about the same deal.

    But we always seem to get sidetracked. One day we're gonna make it!

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