Melancholy Sunday

It was a melancholy Sunday.  About a month ago, our Girl Scout Council informed us that they had sold our Day Camp.  This came as a shocked to just about everyone not involved in the decision-making.  This Camp has been a summer home to many a young scout including my kids.  This was where my daughter first experienced camp life, my son made new friends as a tag-along and I got my first taste of counselor life. Though we attended the camp for only 5 years it became part of our summer ritual.

After church on Sunday there was a farewell bonfire and silent auction of miscellaneous camp memorabilia.  The kids and I strolled along the trails and visited the various sites for the last time.  My daughter was especially sad because this year she wanted to be a program aide on familiar ground.  They have chosen a temporary spot to hold camp this year, but it will be a long drive and in August (Ugh!) so we are not sure if we will be able to be part of it.  We’ll have to wait and see.  So, sit back and stroll among our memories and the beauty that will soon be gone. (Note:  The water level is very low due to the drought conditions that our state is in.  Normally the streams and certain areas are filled)


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2 Responses to Melancholy Sunday

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    That is sad when places of special memories are no more. My high school closed down this year. =(



  2. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    Sorry to hear about this…it looks like a beautiful site.

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