Sew Crafty Friday- PJs & HSM Jacket, Hat & Scarf

Sew Crafty

Shereen at Waiting for Him hosts Sew Crafty Friday. 

 As I mentioned earlier this week, here are the pajamas that I made for my kids for Christmas.  My oldest wore his home Christmas Eve and showed up Christmas morning in them. Made me laugh.  He told me that a few of his friends like them so much that they wanted me to make them some.  I used a simple pants pattern with no zipper of fly.  They are supposed to have elastic waists, but my boys prefer drawstrings. I added 2 inches to the length of them to fit their 6 foot plus statures. My daughter knew that I was making their pajamas this year and was with me when I got the fabric, so I let her chose hers.  She doesn’t like elastic at the wrist (neither do I for that matter. I guess we all have something against elastic.) so the sleeves are very loose.  They are all made from a very soft flannel that I found on clearance about 2 weeks before Christmas. 


kids in PJs



As with most of the pre-teens in America, my daughter is a High School Musical fan and when we saw this fabric we knew we had to make something.  I decided to make her a reversible jacket with the matching hat and scarf.  It came out wonderfully, though I noticed after I had given it to her that one of the hems in the back didn’t get caught up in the topstitching so I have to fix that. This was the first time that I had made clothing from fleece and it was a bear.  I ended up get extra strong quilter’s thread. My machine is in dire need of servicing.  I had to make the buttonholes by hand, which I had never done before.  I should say, I fussed with the machine to get the stitching close enough to look like the machine had made the buttonholes, but ended up sewing them by hand to finish them.  They came out pretty good, but not as good as if the machine had done them.  So, until I get it fixed I think I won’t be doing much sewing.


HSM jacket


This is the reverse side for when the love of HSM wears off.



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8 Responses to Sew Crafty Friday- PJs & HSM Jacket, Hat & Scarf

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I'm Mom2fur of Hope you can visit me!

    The jammies are awesome! I want a red nightgown with penquins on it, LOL!

  2. southmsmomof4 says:

    These are awesome. My dd loves the High School Musical stuff. You are sew crafty ;-)…how do you do it all??? I am just picking the sewing thing back up. My dd is in need of new pj's due to growing 🙂 So I was wondering if you could suggest any easy patterns of nightgowns I could make. Thanks

    BTW- I really enjoyed your poem on the previous post.

    Happy New year too.

    Be blessed,


  3. kellieann says:

    Oh my….one more reason we need to be neighbors! I am a sewing idiot. I have a nearly brand new machine, and I have such problems with it. Ihave Star Wars fleece that's been on the shelf for a year now for a blanket for Harrison, but I am having such problems with my machine, I just dread even trying.

    The jacket is just adorable. Annaleigh would love that!

  4. Mommaofmany says:

    That is a simply wonderful jacket! What a great idea to make it reversible. I have never tried something so hard.

    I enjoyed looking at your HMB. I have been making one, too, but actually never thought about it as a New Year's Resolution. It's just when we had vacation and I had time to begin!

    Blessings to you!


  5. purityseekers says:

    I LOVE the reversible coat!! I love all your sewing!! Looks great!!!!! I need to sew more because my sewing works up much faster than knitting and there are some things I have wanted to make the kids like aprons, more dresses, more PJ's, etc. I am just so addicted right now to knitting that I can't slow down!! haha I fill all my "idle" time with knitting because it's one of those "easy to pick up" things that you can also easily put down. Sewing gets time consuming and I make such a huge mess that sometimes it's a battle I choose not to fight!! So for now, I'll just have to drool over all your awesomely sewn stuff!!!

  6. lahbluebonnet says:

    I've always wanted to do family pjs for Christmas Eve…but where's the time? Or the health? lol You did great. I sewed with fleece when I made crow costumes for the children's choir my dd was in a few years ago. I bought a book on fleece for tips. It's been a while so I forget all the tips. But I get my machine professionally oiled and serviced every year. That was really necessary after sewing with fleece because of all the "fur" that got stuck in it. What a difference when the machine is cleaned! I always take it for cleaing while I'm on vacation.



  7. psalm127 says:

    Very cool. HSM is a big hit at our house too. Love all the sewing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love the coat – it's adorable. Good job, Ginny!

    Terri @

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