A Home with Options

This week we have decided that we have outgrown our 11’ by 8’ classroom.  We have been blessed with some used computers and I really would like the kids to each have their own for schoolwork.  I think in this technology age it is very important for them to get as much experience using them as I can provide.  I tried to set up the classroom with the computers in it, but it just wasn’t going to work. We have another room that we made into a guest room/craft room off my daughter’s bedroom above the garage that is at least twice the size as the classroom.  When we began home schooling my husband had suggested that we use that room, but I wanted to be downstairs.  The upstairs room has sloped ceilings and one window so it seems dark.  I also didn’t want traffic in and out of my daughter’s bedroom. But in all practicality, the room is perfect for our needs.  We will have room to set up the desks, computer stations, all the bookcases (which are currently spread throughout the house), and a large table, when needed, for projects. My husband and my Dad will be installing some lighting this week-end so it won’t be so dark and we will be moving from downstairs to upstairs (and visa-versa) over the next few days. It really is the best solution for our growing pains. 

We are so blessed to have a home with options.  When we first bought our home over 15 years ago, my husband often reminds me that I had said that I would never be able to fill it up.  We only had my oldest son at the time.  Boy was I way wrong.   The years have not only filled our home with material things, but with children, memories and love.  It has been a temporary haven for those who needed a place to live and has seen countless years of growing.  I believe that God directed our paths toward this place.  This was a 10 year old foreclosed home, overgrown and in disrepair when we purchased it for a song.  There are still repairs to be made as with any 25year old home, but I can see the blessings that God has placed upon us by allowing us to have this place here on earth.  He always supplies us with the tools we need to do the things He has in store for us to do even when we don’t know what those things will be.  He has opened doors of opportunity that I never dreamed of and I thank Him for it all.

So, in between school, sports and just everyday living, we will be taking advantage of the blessings of a home with options, and moving stuff around.  Should be fun.  I’ll try to remember to take pictures of the process.  I warn you though it may not be a pretty site.  It may shatter the illusion I have so carefully constructed that I am organized.   I’m a work in constant progress.

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7 Responses to A Home with Options

  1. msack says:

    My class room is a bonus room much like yours! You will love it! Can't wait to see pictures! Mine is a work in progress!

  2. Sawickis says:

    How wonderful that you have a special room to keep all the school stuff in one place. We have a 1200 square foot home without a basement, so our stuff is strategically placed wherever we can find room. We are hoping to sell our house and move to a new house with a basement. I can't imagine the freedom there will be to start a project and not have to clean it up before dinnertime so you can have the kitchen table back. Okay I promise I am not coveting. Just dreaming of the day when I can have a schoolroom.

    Have fun putting it all together.


  3. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    We have school in the dining room because we don't have any extra rooms in this almost 80-year-old house. Ugh! I long for more room~ a schoolroom is a BIG dream of mine.


  4. Sawickis says:

    Hello. I just wanted to stop by to say I am so glad you could use the free Highschool Curriculum link. I also was very impressed with the computer classes.


  5. SchoolinRhome says:

    WOW! I am sure you will have fun moving to a new room- think of the possibilities. Start watching the Home and Garden Channel- it will inspire you. Moving things helps you to get even more organized!

    I am so thankful for our schoolroom. I love having a place for everything and a spot for everyone to work.

    Hope you'll post before and after pictures!

    Have a great week!


  6. kellieann says:

    We school in our bonus room too. Sometimes I wish were more centrally located, but any other place wouldn't be practical. Can't wait to see what you do. I love those kinds of projects….when other people are doing them! =)

  7. MomsFriendshipCircle says:

    Sounds like you are going to have a great classroom when ya'll get done. We are still using the kitchen table.Of course I only have one and this is ourfirst year to homeschool-7th grade. Love your blog.

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