Germ Sites

Here are a few websites with lesson plans and printables dealing with Germs. Most are for the younger grades but can be adapted for older kids.

Germs, Germs Everywhere

Germ Experiment

Hand washing decoder worksheet

Infection Detection Protection from the American Museum of Natural History

Find the Germs Game

Germ Worksheet

Hygiene Potatoes Graph Lesson with worksheets

Learn About Germs Webquest

Germ Busters Lesson Plan

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful comments and well wishes.  I didn’t mean to sound like I was griping yesterday.  I was just commenting on how we, as homeschoolers, can use everyday events as opportunities for learning. But I guess that goes without saying.  BTW we are doing so much better.

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2 Responses to Germ Sites

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    Oh I didn't think you were griping! =) I know when I am sick, the world stops. Same with my dd. But every time I turn around in the last few months, someone else has this cold, cough, bronchitis, walking pneumonia.. My dh still has a cough and will see the doc for it next week. I've been wondering what's been up with everyone, across the country, from Alaska to SC, 😉 getting this stuff! I hope we're not in for a bad flu season! Glad you are all feeling better, especially with Thanksgiving coming up and having company over! =)



  2. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    I put it in my roasting pan yesterday so I could get it in the fridge…it fit, but the legs and wings hung over a bit, and I could see that there wouldn't be much room for the drippings and such…my pan was approximately 11" x 15". Hubby picked up one that is bigger, and deeper, so we should be fine! I'll be getting up in the wee hours to get it going, though!

    Hope you all have a blessed holiday, that the colds and illnesses subside, and that you return to good health quickly!

    Lord bless,


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