According to Willow

I thought I’d just post something for fun. 


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14 Responses to According to Willow

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    These are great! I am planning school stuff in my head for future blogs and I was going to feature my cat…who looks much like Willow. However she is old and doesn't do as much of that cute stuff anymore. My blog about Slipper is going to be so lame now after seeing this! LOL



  2. lahbluebonnet says:

    I had to show the kitty pictures to my kids! They loved them! I have to send my MIL over here. She used to own about 20 cats!



  3. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    What a great slide show! Love your kitty!



  4. Lori says:

    What a wise cat! Willow must read Proverbs, too!


  5. Lori says:

    Thanks for your message and insights! I especially appreciate the reminder to pray with and for our children. At this point our oldest has not verbally accepted Christ, although he will pray sometimes, especially if I lead. He is 3 1/2, so we're pretty early on here–I do pray that we will let go appropriately… my biggest challenge is being consistent over the long haul, without lots of variations in intensity….



  6. my2kids4Him says:

    Cats are so funny! Did you see the video on my blog of the cats playing? I love how you made your slide show:)

  7. KayinPA says:

    LOL! What a cute slide show. Love the captions.

  8. peaksandvalleys1991 says:

    Cats pretty much have it made, don't they? I read your post regarding the frustrations of spelling. I, too, am a good speller. I really believe there is a mysterious component to spelling. I am a "natural speller." I sort of just always knew how to spell things. My oldest two are not & this was frustrating. My third child is a natural speller & when he was younger he could spell words he shouldn't have been able to spell yet. What is the answer? All I can say from experience is "TIME." My daughter was an above average speller, but made mistakes when applying correct spelling in daily work. When she got to college, she cared more as to whether something was spelled correctly. As both my older two wrote more & read more, they spelled better. My daughter graduated college a year ago & my oldest son is a sophomore in college. Even though he is not a good speller, when he turns his papers in, the spelling is correct. So, time, maturity, practice & lots of hanging in there which is true for pretty much every aspect of homeschooling!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fun! Enjoyed seeing Willow in action. Mom

  10. kellieann says:

    That is too cute! Willow reminds me of our Ripley the way she participates in everything. I think we have the same dishwasher….is it a KitchenAid?

  11. 4sweetums says:

    That is soo cute! Thanks for stopping by.



  12. MaxwellAcademy says:

    I adore this, it is so cute! Willow looks similar to our newest kitten, we call her Colors. I can't wait to show this to my kids in the morning!


  13. MOMflippedisWOW says:

    This is Awesome!

    Willow's adorable!

  14. bethanyrae says:

    What fun pictures….too funny.

    thanks for your visit!


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