Our Learning Tool

Books and paper, pencils and pens,
Wait for us as school begins.
Math and Science, History and more
So much to learn for us to soar.

But of all the things there are to do,
One thing helps us make it through.
Start each day with prayer and praise.
Make God the center of our days.

For in everything we live and learn,
He should be our first concern.
For in everything that we are taught,
Without His grace it’s all for naught.

So off to class we will go
To learn the things we need to know
To carry out His wondrous plan
He had for us when time began.

©2007 Virginia Donahue

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One Response to Our Learning Tool

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    I love this! I want to share this with my kids when we start up in a few weeks.



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