Post 100

I’ve hit the blogging milestone of 100 posts.  I was trying to think of something profound or interesting to write about, but ran head first into a brick wall and mental block.  So I thought I’d just write 100 words as to why I blog in the first place.



My main purpose for blogging is that I want to bring glory to God with my words.  I want to sing His praises for all to hear.  I’d like to share my experiences and what I’ve learned along the way that it may be of help to someone else.  Blogging is a way of expressing my passion for God, my family, homeschooling and my love of the written language.  My desire is to reach out to others to lend support and encouragement, and perhaps make some friends along the way.  Most importantly I want to promote the Kingdom of God.



Well, there you have it, 100 words.  Thanks to all my Homeschool Blogger friends who have supported me towards this milestone.  Hopefully I will be looking forward to the next 100. And the next. And the next….

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  1. kellieann says:

    Congrats on your blogging milestone! Looking forward to the nest 100 entries!

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