Lazy Days of Summer

What a nice, quiet week it has been.  There were no pressing appointments, no afternoon rush to some activity, no drama.  The kids have been lazing around, amusing themselves with games, the puppies, T.V., or the pool.  It has been so relaxing.  We did a little schoolwork in the morning the beginning of the week, but the rest of the time we have been doing whatever struck us at that moment. 

I have been working on my practice blog template and trying to create my own graphics.  Having a whole lot of imagination and very little artistic ability has made this a very slow process. Thank-you, Lord, for computer programs that help make it a little easier, once I figure out how to use them to my advantage.  I have figured out a few little HTML codes and I hope to someday be able to apply them to this blog, but I want to work out any bugs first.  I think the biggest trick is that when I get something to do what I want it to do, that I remember how I did it.  Anyone who has tried making changes to their blog template knows exactly what I mean.  You may be able to do it to the practice blog, but how in the world do you get it to work on your real blog.  Oh the horror. (LOL) I really can’t wait until I figure out all the ins and outs of HTML and CSS. Boy there’s a lot to learn.  That’s why I love these ‘lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’.  We can do what we don’t usually have time for during the rest of the year.

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