Homeschool Planning Sheets

With Girl Scout Camp behind us, my attentions are turned toward preparing for the new school year. Even though we school year round, the slower pace of summer is a good time to layout what we want to accomplish in the next school year. After reviewing this past year’s schedule, I have decided to streamline our studies and place more emphasis on the subjects that I think the kids need to work on more diligently. For my daughter that means a stronger focus on math and for my son spelling is his challenge. I have already chosen our books and will be spending the next few days planning out their lesson schedules. I do this first by planning monthly goals, and then I break those down to daily lesson plans. I use a spreadsheet that I print out for each of these tasks. After I am satisfied with my plans I use the Homeschool Tracker Lesson plan feature to save my plans, making them easier to assign during the year.

Here are a few of the forms I have created for goal planning:

Yearly Goals-I use this for planning a year’s worth of monthly goals for one subject. I print one sheet for each subject for each student.

Course of Study-I use this as a reference sheet for all subjects, listing book(s) used and publisher. I print one for each student.

Assignment Sheet-This is the weekly assignment sheet I used before getting Homeschool Tracker. I would use 1 sheet per student per week, filling out their assignments and checking them off in the block as completed. I would also record on it any grades received making it easier to record test results at the end of the week (or whenever I got around to it LOL)

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  1. rachel says:

    please check out my home school blog

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you allowing me to download these sheets for free. I have something simular, but I really like your style. I have enjoyed your blogs. Keep your eyes on Jesus, Great Momma, TX ref: Econobusters

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