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I am a list person. I find that the older I get, the more I forget, so I tend to rely on my lists to keep me on track and focused. I have made some basic lists that I use regularly and I keep a daily ‘to do’ list handy to be sure I don’t fall too far behind. That isn’t to say that everything on the lists gets done, but it helps me to remember the 101 little tasks that may go undone because I didn’t think about them. Now that I have learned how to make my documents PDFs and found an online storage place, I thought I’d share with fellow ‘list’ users some of my most used sheets. (I just love using Excel.) They are simple and straightforward checklists.

Camping Checklist

We have a popup camper and we use this to be sure we have everything we need for vacations.

Clothing Packing List

This list helps me be sure that I pack enough clothing for our trips. I put the number needed in the # column, and the first letter of each persons name in the blocks beside the #.As I pack I mark the appropriate block.

Grocery List

This is the list I use when doing major shopping. It has a place to mark if I have a coupon for the item.

Grocery List 2

I keep a copy of this on the fridge so that when we run out of something, it can be marked as being needed. Everyone in the house knows that if it’s not on the list, it will probably not be bought on the next trip to the grocery.

Household Cleaning Charts

This is my newest tool. My kids had ‘trouble’ doing their chores to my liking, so I made these to help them know exactly what needed to be done and what I expected. So far they have worked pretty well. At least there are no more excuses that I didn’t tell them to do something.
It would be great if someone else found these useful.

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4 Responses to Home Manager- Lists-Camping, Clothing Packing, Grocery, Cleaning

  1. mycrazylife says:


    These are awesome! I just love making .pds'f too. Thanks so much for sharing these! I am also a list maker and I love your camping list. I have one, but mine is not as complete as your is.



  2. Lori says:

    (: I keep making a packing list for our kids, but every time we go somewhere, the list changes! So now I have a template that has categories:





    School (yes, I'm a nerd…)



  3. littleskipper says:

    We have a pop up too, and I NEVER would have thought to do this – how wonderful! Thank ou for sharing! 🙂

  4. chelelew says:

    I surfed over here last night via the "random" button. Even then I knew I'd want to hang around your site for a bit, so this morning I did just that. I've enjoyed looking at the various printables you have made available. I've printed some and saved some others. Did you know that the ones that are on the "my other drive" aren't available for viewing? This bums me as I was hoping to glean some useful info from some of those printables. Keep up the great work on your blog. And Happy Thanksgiving!!

    ~~CheleLew from Hearts of Grace Academy~~(www.homeschoolblogger.com/chelelew)

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