Seeing God

The beauty of God surrounds me,
His hand is in all I see,
   His majesty is heard,
   In the song of the bird,
And the buzzing of the bee.

The wonder of God is everywhere,
His awesome power fills the air,
   From the lightning flash,
   To the thunder crash,
I feel His presence there.

High as the sky, low as the earth,
He provided us all with a rebirth,
   The old is new,
   He did it for you,
To show us of our worth.

The joy of God is everyday,
Our debt of sin He did repay,
   Every breath I take,
   Every step I make,
His mercy paves the way.

The love of God is all around,
His voice is every sound,
   In His amazing grace,
   We can see His face,
If we look He can be found.

©2007 Virginia Donahue

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3 Responses to Seeing God

  1. lovinlife says:

    You write beautifully! Happy Spring!

  2. housefull says:

    What a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing it…I am glad you also enjoyed my blog – and glad you can relate. I am glad to have a new friend 🙂


  3. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    Beautiful words, and I love the rhyme pattern…

    Words can be such fun!

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