Prayer Request

This post is a request for prayer. Friday evening, my oldest son had taken his brother and a friend to see a movie.  When he returned home, his house had been broken into.  His television was smashed and his laptop was stolen. He was a little upset about losing his things, but was saddened most by the loss of the photos he had on his computer and had not had time to save to a disc. Because so little was taken and a neighbor had seen a certain car at his house while he was gone, we believe that it was an x-girlfriend that has been harassing him.  What is so sad is that she has married since they broke up but they continue to harass him.  He gave this information to the police, but believes that there is nothing they will do. 

He came to dinner last night and he looked terrible.  Ever since the incident he hasn’t slept well, getting up every time he hears a noise or the dog bark.  He is packing his things and moving out of a place where he really enjoyed living. He lives alone and just doesn’t feel safe anymore. He has to give his dog away because where he is moving doesn’t allow pets.  Where he lives now he has a pond he could fish in anytime he wanted, a big yard, and a garage he can work on cars in. He has had to change passwords and gone to the bank to make sure that a photo I.D. is request whenever any transactions are made.  My heart aches for him and his loss of security.  It hurts to see him have to go through this.  He believes that everything happens for a reason and that everything works out for good, but it doesn’t make it any easier while going through it.  We all want our children to feel safe and secure even when they are grown and on their own.   I’m not asking for prayer for the return of his things or even that they catch whoever did this, though both would be nice.  I’m asking for prayer for his peace of mind.

Lord, thank-You for the circumstances that You place in our lives that You use to make us stronger.  I am praying for my beloved first born, that You will lift him up and help him to rest safely in Your Word.  Thank-You for watching over him and keeping him safe.  You are in control of every situation and will use this one for the glory of You.  Amen

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3 Responses to Prayer Request

  1. daredhead says:

    So sorry to hear of your son's troubles! I'll keep him in my prayers.

    Maybe God is moving him to a better place for a specific purpose & this break-in was just the nudge he needed. Whatever the reason, God loves him & has his best interest at heart.

    It's so hard when our child hurts & we can't make it all better! Praying for you too!

  2. deedeeuk says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your sweet comments meant alot as did your promise of prayer for us!! I'll be praying for your son too. I'm so sorry for all that he is going through at the moment, and pray that somehow he might get his pictures back too! (I know it sounds unlikely but God is able!) Also pray that he can find peace again, and you too!

  3. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    Poor guy…prayers for the Lord's comfort and presence in this trial.

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