I’m Learning to be Flexible

The last few weeks have been so busy.  The kids have had doctors, dentist, and orthodontist appointments, ice skating lessons, softball practice and Scouting events.  Add to this that my husband has taken a few days off from work, without giving me much notice, to do some much-needed work around the house.  All this has made for very active weeks.  The kids have more than the required 180 days in school because we chose to school year round, so they are enjoying the ‘free time’. I think by next week they will have had enough and will be looking forward to getting back to work.  They are already starting to mope around, looking for things to do other than chores (naturally).  The down side to all this activity is that I am out of my routine.  I usually get up early, enjoy my quiet time with the Lord while sipping my decaf, leisurely get dressed, write my blog and then get the kids up and ready.  While I really enjoy my husband being home, and doing all the extra things that need to be done is very important, being the creature of habit that I am, any deviation from my routine throws things off whack and I become frustrated more easily.  This is something I definitely have to work on.  It’s the ‘me’ time that I resent losing. I know that sounds selfish, but I am a sinner, and this is the one that I am currently working on. So, God in His wonderfully Fatherly way is putting me into situations so I can learn to deal with it appropriately.  I hope I learn it quickly. Until I get it down, I will rely on Colossians 3:2 to help me deal.

Colossians 3:2Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

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2 Responses to I’m Learning to be Flexible

  1. socalval says:

    We homeschool year round, too! I invented a great year round schedule that gives short breaks throughout the year, while still getting the 180+ day requirement. Start in July, and end in May. 6 weeks on with 2 weeks off. I will send you a copy of the schedule… it's becoming VERY popular. Go to http://just4homeschoolfamilies.com and click on download – it's FREE.


  2. Sawickis says:

    I am just now getting around to added some new friends. Thanks for adding me to your friends list. I have now added you to mine.

    We also homeschool year round. It is good to know that God lovingly wants to stretch us beyond our comfort zones. But there is a place for schedules too.


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