The Battle of Spring Cleaning

For lack of a Hazel, Alice, or Mr. French, clutter and dust invade our home from time to time.  When the war cry of Spring Cleaning is heard it cannot be ignored. Each season brings a new crusade against the enemy Disorder. He seems to sneak in undetected whenever we are distracted by everyday life. But equipped with a feather duster, trash bag, broom, mop, and determination we are armed for battle.  Over the past few days we have attacked the hidden camps of the Dust Bunnies and Clutter Monsters. The dreaded ‘It Doesn’t Fit Anymore’ and the sneaky ‘Where Did This Come From?’ have been rounded up and made ready for the trip to the Land of Goodwill. The Garage Dwellers have been evacuated and the Mountain of Filing has been bulldozed to reveal the plains of Desks and Counters. With the newly unobstructed view through the Windows of Daylight, it appears clear the battle has been won and Peace enters in.  Victory is so sweet when a job is complete!
1 Corinthians 14:33-For God is not a God of disorder, but of Peace.

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