Learning Language Arts Through Literature

We have been using Learning Language Arts Through Literature by Common Sense Press for 2 years now.  Our first year homeschooling I had used old public school textbooks. They adequately taught the material, but lacked the variety and stimulation my children needed to keep their attention. After much research, I decided to give LLATL a try.  It has proven to be a wise decision. Written by an insightful homeschool mom, my children love the format.  There is a student workbook that contains all the lessons and a teacher’s book that has the student lessons, answers and helpful teaching notes.  There is basically no lesson planning and, except for the books needed for the literature units, the program is almost completely self-contained.  Each lesson is divided into 5 sections.  In the first section, a portion of a great work of literature is dictated to the student to written in their workbook.  Misspelled words are used to create a spelling list for the week.  The remaining 4 sections use the passage to teach the concepts, which are fully integrated.  Grammar, punctuation, spelling rules, penmanship in the earlier grades, literary elements and writing skills are all addressed in the various lessons.  There are also sections for review, assessment and fun enrichment activities scattered throughout the books.  The lessons are long enough to teach the topic but short enough as not to be burdensome and tiring to the student.  My children have enjoyed the literature chosen for this course and have been inspired to read other books based on the dictation passages.  When I asked them as to whether they wanted me to find another English program or not, they insisted we stay with this one.  They are learning and the like it; a win-win program in our house.  The Common Sense Press website has samples for you to view to get a better idea how this program works. It’s worth a look-see.

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    Thank you for sharing this review. It was very informative. 🙂

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