Sites to See

Here are a few more sites to check out:

Cathy Duffy Reviews is a great place to find out about different curriculum choices.

I also like to go to Homeschool Reviews and read what others who have used certain curriculums think.

Core Knowledge Foundation is a great source for lesson plans that you can search by grade level and/or subject. I have used this site when we did unit studies.

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling Web SiteHomeschooler Central, and Homeschooler’s Helper are  all great places for information, resources, links, and communities that covers the homeschooling spectrum.

Hope you find some of these interesting and helpful.  More to come later.

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2 Responses to Sites to See

  1. KayinPA says:

    Cathy Duffy's Reviews & Homeschool Reviews are two of my favorite sites to get the scoop on curriculum. I will have to check out these others!

  2. cakeandcam says:

    Thanks for the great information links. There were actually a couple I was not aware of.

    Have a great day,

    Betty in TN

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