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  I love to write!    I thought that maybe I would try my hand at this blogging thing.  This may be much to the relief of my poor husband who has had the distinct pleasure for the past 20 years of reading over my various works in progress. 

I have a tendency to research a particular topic to the point of confusion. I search the web, read the books, view the movies, and ask whomever the expert of the day may be, to find the answers I am looking for.  My latest venture is looking for a history program that will work with my 4th grader and 7th grader.  We have been using Story of the World and notebooking, and while this has worked well, quite frankly we’re all in the mood for something new and exciting.  We have been home schooling for more than 3 years now. We tend to be what others call eclectic in the way that we work, using various programs and publishers for different topics.  That is what led me to Homeschoolblogger.  I began to read others’ blogs and gleaming insight to how things were going for them.  I am more than relieved to know that there are so many of us out there that have the same fears and concerns over much the same things and that there is a venue that we can not only seek support from others but give that same support back by sharing our experiences, life-learned knowledge and best of all, ourselves.  

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2 Responses to New to Homeschoolblogger

  1. bearsmom says:

    Hey, welcome and may God bless you on your blogging experience.

  2. 4evrHischild says:

    Beautiful Feet History….You use a guide and read a lot of historical biographies, and historical fiction and could probably read them aloud. Then There's Truthquest History where you choose the books from different time periods to read. Just some suggestions, we personally like Mystery of History and Beautiful Feet.

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