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  I spent much of my free time yesterday hitting the “random logger” button, checking out other’s blogs.  There is such a wealth of information here I found it hard to stop.  I was so impressed by the overall variety of the blogs that I let each of my kids create their own blogs. They are excited at the prospect of making new friends.  My son has been begging me to get a MySpace, but I wasn’t comfortable with that.  I have one, but I use it to keep in touch with friends and some of my former students (I used to teach at a private school before we started homeschooling).  However, I was looking for a place with people that share similar interests with us. 

My kids really enjoy people and have no trouble making friends.  That is the one thing they miss about school.  There are a few children in the neighborhood, but by the time they come home from their various schools and activities, there is no time to play. Most of these kids have a strange concept of what homeschool is all about. Like most homeschooling families, we have limited financial means, so most of the programs offered by the homeschool groups in our area are just not feasible. Thank goodness for Scouts and church. The kids don’t complain, but I know they would love to talk to other kids who understand what it is like to be a homeschooler.

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