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Lessons from Homeschooling – Me Time

Over our homeschooling years I was often asked “when do you have time for yourself”.  Truthfully, for me, “me time” was only an issue when I had sought the solitude of the bathroom and there would be a knock on the door followed by the inevitable question “Mom, can you (fill in the blank here with just about anything they could do for themselves but suddenly became completely helpless when the door is closed)?”.  I … Continue reading

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New Year, New Direction

I can make no excuse for neglecting this blog.  A lot of things have changed in our lives over the past three years that needed attention more than this little pleasure.  But, as the new year begins, I think I might be ready to take some baby steps back into the blogging world.  I feel like the Lord is encouraging me to take up this path again. Only time will tell if this will come … Continue reading

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