I Am 50

Today I turned 50. That means that I now have half a century of experience behind me, 5 decades of life under my belt, and, if, I am very blessed, a good many years left.  Why all the hoop-la about being 50? I am actually very excited about what lies ahead of me.

I was doing a little math about my past 50 years (these are rough percentages based on years and not actual time and, of course, they overlap):

  • 6% of the 50 years I lived alone.
  • 12% of the 50 years I have been a blogger.
  • 18% of the 50 years I have been homeschooling.
  • 36% of my 50 years I was a kid.
  • Been doing my own taxes for 38% of the 50 years
  • I have lived in my current home for 40% of the 50 years.
  • I’ve been married 58% of the 50 years and have been a mom for 54% of those 50 years.
  • I’ve been a forgiven believer for 68% of my 50 years.
  • I’ve been able to drive for 68% of the 50 years.
  • 76% of my 50 years I have worked at some kind of job, whether it was full time or part time
  • 100% of those 50 years I have been learning.

Looking at these little statistics, and reflecting on the events that have filled my life so far, everything after 50 is the icing on the cake. The sweetness of life coupled with earned experience and the wisdom that comes from God are the fruits of time. There is still so much more in store ahead. How can anyone approach this milestone birthday with anything less than joy?

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2 Responses to I Am 50

  1. Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all of your math around being 50.
    Blessings, Dawn

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