2012 Gratitude Challenge-Day 29

I wonder if there is anyone who does not appreciate the splendor and the beauty of a sunrise or sunset? Whenever I see God’s artistry painted across the sky I can’t help but view it with amazement. He is the ultimate Master Painter! How blessed are we to experience in such a lovely way the beginning of a new day or to see a day coming to a close with such majesty. What a wonderful way to gently remind us that every moment we are in His heart.

I am linking up with Garden of Learning’s Gratitude Challenge and Teaching Good Things 30 Days of Gratitude.


Teaching Good Things 30 Days of Gratitude

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2 Responses to 2012 Gratitude Challenge-Day 29

  1. What a beautiful picture! I agree with being amazed by God’s handiwork all around us. You chose the perfect scripture to go along with it, too! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Ginny says:

      Thank you, Sara. The picture was taken on our anniversary trip this past October. We were blessed with beautiful sunsets every evening.

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