2012 Gratitude Challenge-Day 20

The other day I spoke of how I was grateful for social media, but without my computer that point would be moot.  I really appreciate my computer. About 18 years ago, my mother gave me my first computer, her old IBM Tandy that ran DOS. At the time I really didn’t feel like we needed a computer, but I am so glad that she encouraged me to learn how to use one. Over the next few years, as she upgraded to new computers, she passed her old ones down to me and I would pass the previous one down to my oldest son. Each one brought new learning experiences. My son became excellent at not only using computers but also keeping them in good working order, so much so that he is now a system specialist without any college training.

Computers have opened many new doors of opportunity. I have been able to work at home while still being able to homeschool my children. I have been able to start my own e-publishing business. It has given me the tools to more easily manage my household, homeschool, and business. I have learned the value of having this electronic tool and am I am thankful that my mom encouraged me to take advantage of its capabilities.

I am linking up with Garden of Learning’s Gratitude Challenge and Teaching Good Things 30 Days of Gratitude.


Teaching Good Things 30 Days of Gratitude

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