2012 Gratitude Challenge-Day 11

My family has a history of veterans that have faithfully honored our country with their services. My great-grandfather served in the Spanish-American war.  My grandfather served in Germany during World War 2. My father served in Spain during the Vietnam War. My husband served in Germany during the late 70’s.  My brother served our country in the Air Force for 22 years, serving around the world in places such as Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, Kirkuk during the Iraqi War, and the Republic of Korea.

I am eternally grateful to all who have put the lives and freedoms of others before themselves, often having to do so on foreign soils away from those they love. I am thankful to their families who, too, have sacrificed to insure the safety and security of life on the home front.

I wrote this poem several years ago and wanted to share it again:

In a Soldier’s Memory

In memory of,
The soldier tall,
Who fought for our freedoms,
Who answered the call,

Who gave of himself,
Without thought to his need,
Whose focus was on,
Those that he freed.

Let us take the time,
To think on him,
Who gave us everything,
Life and limb.

Remember with love,
All that was sacrificed,
And forget not what,
He most prized.

Liberty and freedom,
For one and for all.
Thank-you dear soldier,
Who answered the call.

©2007 Virginia Donahue

(First posted 5-25-07)

Thank you to those who have served, are serving, and will serve. Your sacrifice is honored in our hearts.

I am linking up with Garden of Learning’s Gratitude Challenge and Teaching Good Things 30 Days of Gratitude.


Teaching Good Things 30 Days of Gratitude

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