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Follow Me on PinterestAre you using Pinterest yet? I just started using it a few weeks ago and absolutely love it for a visual organizational tool. So many times, while researching here and there, I find things that spark my imagination and want to come back to at another time. I used to add the sites to an endless file of website bookmarks of things I wanted to go back to. Then when I had some free time (is that even a real thing?) I would occasionally go back to those bookmarks only to find that I didn’t remember why I bookmarked it in the first place or wasn’t always able to find the right site I was looking for. Since using Pinterest and categorizing my finds I am finding it so much easier to go back to something just when I need it and can easily pick it out from everything else.

I also love how you will run across things while scanning what others have ‘pinned’ and find things you might not have run across without hours of searching.

I only spend about 5 to 10 minutes a day looking at other’s pins and only add my own pins if I run across something interesting in my routine internet work. I often find that others have already found some great things and love the ease of re-pinning those of interest to me. You can check out my pin boards using the link on the far sidebar or clicking HERE.

If you have a Pinterest, how are you using it? Feel free to share with me your Pinterest page by giving me your info below in a comment or send me a message via email using the Contact Us form (I use this to avoid those spam bots out there) so I can come visit your boards.

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