The Homeschool Mother’s Journal-3

Life gets so busy and I get so distracted with it that I just don’t fit blogging into it. But I am determined to keep trying until it becomes a habit again.
So, after missing a week, here’s some more about our life to share.

The Homeschool Mother's  JournalIn my life this week (and last)…
After posting my last entry, that Sunday my son was working on a Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend and accidently cut the side of the tip of his pinky off. We spent 2 ½ hours in Urgent Care waiting to be seen as he continued to bleed. Poor kid. When they finally saw him, they simply bandaged it up with a special web type material to stop the bleeding that was to remain on there permanently. We have been very blessed not to have to make a bunch of emergency room visits in our kids’ lives, so this was kind of dramatic for us. His finger is now healing up nicely, but we have been told it may take a few months before it is completely healed. Luckily no nerve damage was done, but he will have a permanent scar and missing a small chunk of the finger. The incident hasn’t slowed him down at all, though. He has been working a few days each week and really enjoys his new job.

Last weekend was spent running from my daughter’s basketball games to Girl Scout Thinking Day to her cookie booth sales. At one of her games, as she was making a “break-away” with the ball, she got knocked down and then her ankle was stepped on, which put her out of the game for the rest of the last quarter. Luckily she’s a tough cookie and after babying it for a couple of days was fine again. This past weekend they had their tournament. Unfortunately, they did not win, but they played fabulously. I am very proud of her sportsmanship and improved confidence in handling the ball.

My daughter has also begun taking piano lessons and, according to her teacher, is doing exceptionally well. I am so excited for her. She is, in turn, teaching me what she is learning so that I might learn to play with two hands. (I have played a little in the past, but only with using one hand for the tunes and the other on the programmed chords on our organ. Not exactly Liberace style.)

I have been very busy updating our home manager and with work. I’m sure lots of other things have happened but those are the highlights.

In our homeschool the past few weeks…

The kids continue in their studies and we have totally caught up with history. We have also been working through IEW’s The Grammar of Poetry.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

I’ve already told you about our venture to Urgent Care and the basketball court. Last week my dad took my son out to do a little squirrel hunting.  This was actually his first time hunting and he had a blast, even if they didn’t get anything. They just enjoyed spending time together and some target shooting. While they were out, I spent some mother-daughter time with my daughter. We shared a great lunch out together and then made a trip to the local Goodwill. After trying on about 50 different outfits, we only left with a few items.

My favorite thing this week was…

Getting to spend one on one time with my daughter was awesome. And knowing that my son is able to build a strong relationship with his grandfather is priceless.

Another wonderful thing happened this week too. My oldest son (24) passed his firefighter tests and is now Firefighter 1. I am so proud of him.

What’s working/not working for us…

IEW’s The Grammar of Poetry is another fun study that the kids are really running with. My son is very good at writing poetry and I enjoy reading all their newest compositions.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

How do other homeschool families feel about testing? Not just subject testing but SAT, ACT, and all those other standardized tests? Do you think they give an accurate measure of what your child knows? I don’t but wonder what other’s point of views are.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

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