Us vs. Them?

I have been trying to make sense of why it is that there seems to be so much animosity between those who have chosen to school their children at home and those that send their children to public or private school. I cannot figure out why there has to be a competition between them. Each group of people has their reasons for their choices. Some feel that their children would not get a proper education if they do not go to public school .They may feel ill equipped to teach their children or think they don’t have the patience to deal with the frustrations that may come along with a 24/7 schedule with their children. Others feel that the education system is so lacking that if their children did go to public school they would not receive the attention needed to be successful. Some speak out against the principles taught at public schools including evolution, social tolerance, and acceptance of all forms of lifestyle and religious doctrines, while others are adamant that in order to function in this world we must know and conform to the general acceptance of what the world is all about. Some fear for the safety of their children and others feel that in order to survive in today’s world they must be exposed to all situations. And then there are many preconceptions that if someone chooses to homeschool their children they must be backward, religious fanatics who live in caves and have no clue and that those who send their children to outside schools do not want to be bothered. Add to that the whole issue of the benefits or disadvantages of the whole socialization and peer pressure arguments and you have yourself some very heated discussions.

There are hundreds of reasons and circumstances why parents choose the education option that they choose and I think that it should be a decision prayerfully approached. Each family needs to follow their convictions. There are naturally valid arguments on both sides and this topic has been debated at length for ages. Sometimes I get so frustrated by non-homeschooling perceptions of homeschoolers and visa-versa. While there are good and bad examples of both homeschooling families and other outside school situations, I firmly believe that parents are doing what they think is best for their children to have them become productive and effective citizens in the community. I believe that parents are the primary teachers in their homes instilling values, virtues, and all things important. It is our responsibility, whether our children obtain their academic knowledge at home or away, to uphold those principles. I think if all parents made this their priority, then there would be a whole lot less us vs. them situations and a whole lot more understanding and working together to make a better world for our children to grow up in.

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  1. Julie Nott says:

    Totally, totally agree with you!!!

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