The Outdoor Hour-Challenge 3-4

The past two days we worked on the Outdoor Hour challenges 3 and 4. Challenge number 3 was definitely a challenge for my daughter and I. We both struggle with artistic ability. We see what we want to draw and so want to get it from our minds to the paper but are never satisfied with our results. But we keep trying. Maybe after more time and daily practice and concentration we will create the detailed drawings that our minds perceive. My sons and husband are much more gifted artistically. In contrast though, I think my daughter and I paint better with our words. That’s ok though, because as we have learned, our nature journals are for us. It’s not like we are Lewis and Clark.
For Challenge 4 we were to find a focus area. We are basically skipping this because once we get through the first 10 Challenges we are going to do the Autumn series that Barb-Harmny Art Mom is currently posting. We have been concentrating on the flowers and the insects so I guess our mini-focus are those. Today we just practiced observation, journaling, and using guides and internet guides to try and figure out some of the things we have found interesting over the past week.
These are some of the things see found yesterday and were pleasantly surprised that we actually were able to track down some specific (and highly interesting) information about a couple of things.
Still working on figuring this one out. It looks like a dandelion so we have been searching for dandelion look-a-likes.
Western Daisy-You can’t really tell from this picture but this daisy is actually has very light purple petals.
Obviously pinecones, but we are trying to determine which tree it came from because we have several species growing in our front yard.
This flower really excited me because I really had no idea what it was. We searched the internet for about an hour trying to narrow it down.
It’s called a partridge pea or may be better know as a sen
sitive plant. It’s so cool. When you touch it’s leaves they slowly fold and close. We played around with them today and it was really exciting for all of us.
This is the sketch of this flower in my journal.
Tomorrow I’ll share a bit about the critters we found. I am thinking of starting a new blog just for our nature studies. This whole week has been so much calmer and successful and these nature walks are the only thing different we have done. It really has me amazed.
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