Andrew Jackson State Park

Friday we took our nature studies to Andrew Jackson State Park. As we walked the trails we examined all the various types of wildlife there was offered before us. There was so much to see we hardly could focus on one thing.
There were wildflowers of all shapes, sizes and colors. We’re finding trying to identify these beauties takes a whole lot of research. We are still struggling to name them but that doesn’t deter us from appreciating their beauty.

The trees have begun to dress for the upcoming autumn and greeted us with the comforts of their shade, providing welcome shelter from the heat and humidity of the day.

There is a persimmon tree in the courtyard of the museum and after checking with the ranger to be sure it was ok, my fifteen year old son took a taste of the fruit. He discovered the astringency of the fruit and after trying to wash out his mouth for a while made the decision that he will probably never eat that again.
We also stumbled upon some animal wildlife and animal tracks along our trek.
You will need to look closely to see these critters using their camouflage skills.
This slug was right above where the toad was.

We also observed a woodpecker but it was too far up the tree to get a clear picture. We really enjoyed the entire trip and are looking forward to many more just like it.
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