Welcoming our Granddaughter to the World

On August 12, 2013, we welcomed our first granddaughter into the world.  Even though she was born some 1100 miles away, because of the blessings of technology, I was able to share the first few moments of her birth with my son, the new Daddy, via Skype. A week later we were able to make the trek north to meet this precious little one in person. She is simply a treasure and a gift from … Continue reading

Typecrush Game Review

I am an avid word game lover so I jumped at the chance to check out this new game called Typecrush™.   Made in the U.S.A from 100% recycled materials, this versatile game can be simple enough for young readers but challenging enough for older folks, like me. The whole Typecrush™ game comes in sturdy cardboard can with a twist-top lid that is reminiscent of the old Tinker-Toy or Lincoln Log cans, making it portable enough … Continue reading

Luna Moth

Found this beautiful specimen of a Luna Moth on our window a while back.  Isn’t it lovely?

How Do We Know God is Really There? Book Review

As our kids were growing up, they were always filled with mind-stretching questions especially in regards to God.  Sometimes the answers were easy to explain, but other times it took some creative examples to give them a better understanding of things.  In the book How Do We Know God is Really There?,  the first in a new series published by Apologia Press, Melissa Cain Travis attempts to use a creative, scientific way to answer this … Continue reading

Vacation Planning Worksheets

Summer weather has come and it’s time to plan our vacations.  I have created a few worksheets that I use to help me keep all the details of our vacation in one place.  We tend to take a few short, 3-day trips and usually only one longer trip.   Because we are avid campers, I also keep my camping checklist handy.  To download these forms, either click on the image or the text link below each. … Continue reading

Time Passing

The years so quickly fade away, As my mind travels back to another day, To a time and place so distant now, Placed upon life’s highest bough. Shadows of walks hand in hand, Along a golden beach of sand, Carried away on moonlit beam, All seems but a distant dream. Sunlit days of merriment, Treasured moments together spent, Casted our cares upon the wind, Oh, to visit those days again. But all too soon the … Continue reading

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